Too Good To Be Forgotten

Date of Pet Passing –



The title says it all.
We adopted Lillie from a Troutman, NC goat farmer in April 2003. Lillie was 6 months old, but had already lived a rough life. She was a Great Pyrenees/Polish Lowland Sheepdog mix, purchased in Texas as a guardian dog for the farmer’s goat herd. Unfortunately he put Lillie in with the goats at too young an age, and she was almost butted to death by a large ram. Broken ribs, broken leg, punctured spleen. She survived, but was no longer happy with goats. That was our lucky day.
From the day she joined our family, Lillie has been special to everyone she ever met. Lillie was beautiful, and soon became a star in our neighborhood. Everyone knew her. For four years, she just made us all happy by her presence, but she needed a job. In 2007 we brought home JoJo, an 8 week old Dachshund. Lillie now had a herd. How she loved her job. Never missed a day of work, never complained about the pay. She instinctively knew who were friend and who were foe…..and the foe never touched her JoJo.
Our family is sad at her passing, but we were blessed with 10 years of her charming smile. She passed peacefully, quickly, and surrounded by friends. Lillie will never be forgotten….she was just too good.
Jim and Annie Green