To My Sweet Rascal

Date of Pet Passing – 12/27/2017
– Dawn Hayes


Today, 12-27-17, I lost you. Nine short years I had you in my life to love and cherish. You were always my favorite cat, but I love and will always take care of your two brothers until they come to meet you at Rainbow Bridge. When my time comes I will come to Rainbow Bridge and not only get you Rascal, but all my many pets that are already there with you and we all will be together forever.
My home is suddenly too quiet. I look for you everywhere. Each night you always slept with me…now you are not there. The pain I feel is so deep and it is hard to even figure out my “new normal” day. I will always love you and miss you and of course spend everyday thinking about you. I cry everyday and wish you were here with me.

Your personality was so vibrant and outgoing. Just look at your picture lying in your chair in the window. Your face says it all. You were such a handsome cat and had beautiful markings, and I can’t forget your big paws! Now each time I feed your brothers I still get your food and put some into your bowl and await your usual game we played…you taking one huge paw, slapping my hand, and then meowing at me before eating.
You were with me everywhere in my home. Where I went yo went…cooking in the kitchen, getting ready for the day in the bathroom, sitting on my lap every night kneading my housecoat before you went to sleep. You would meow and talk to me as well as actually taking your huge paws and hugging my neck. I miss your early morning routine between 5-6 am you would play with your scratch post and them take your paw and ring the bell that I had attached to it at the top. I am waiting to hear you come back to ring that bell for me. Your scratch post will never be moved.
I will never get used to you not being here to wake me up each morning. I never needed a clock. At the same time everyday you would sit by my pillow and take your right paw and lightly touch my cheek until I woke up. You had the biggest paws I have ever seen on any cat! LOL! What big paws you had Rascal.

I know you will visit me in my dreams and I will cherish each time. Until I come for you and all my pets at Rainbow Bridge, for now Rascal play and have fun.