The Sweetest boy in the world.

Date of Pet Passing – 12/12/2023
– Lilly Davis


We adopted Super-Dude from the pound around 7 years ago. To say the least, he stole our hearts right away. Although In the beginning he was a very shy boy, he wouldn’t let anyone pet him or hold him. We had to work for his trust.
Because of his anxiety he did not enjoy the car ride home, he enjoyed getting out even less. As soon as we got him out of the car he slipped out of his collar and ran across the road.
I thought this would be the last time I’d see my new favorite boy. My brother, uncle and my grandpa were all out searching for him all night. He was too fast to catch. So we eventually set up a raccoon trap. We set out bologna pieces leading into the cage to lure in the hungry boy.
This idea worked great. my grandpa was going to get the newspaper when he heard the door slam. I’m sure he didn’t enjoy being captured but he sure enjoyed being loved by his new family. He was already such a good boy when he got to know us. Super-Dude touched the hearts of anyone that came into our home. His favorite thing to do was sit with my grandpa George wile he watched tv. George always made sure to keep Super-Dude as healthy as possible. Anytime he seemed to be feeling low George noticed right away. Super-Dude always returned the favor when George was down. One of many things he was super at, was helping all of us in the family feel better in hard times. Every time one of us where sick, Dude was there by our sides. Anytime a tear would fall from one of us he was there to kiss it away. He was more love in one k9 then we could have ever asked for. The sweetest boy in the world.

There is only one type of tear he can’t help us wipe away. The tears we’ve all shed from his passing. Nothing could have possibly prepared any of us for this. He was a very healthy boy, up until the day his tumor ruptured inside him. Immediately causing internal bleeding.

Super-Dude may not be here with us anymore, but he will always be in our hearts. ❤️💙💛