The happiest little dog that ever lived.

Date of Pet Passing –

Pogie Bear


Pogie Bear… Our little Pogie Bear was one of our four dachshunds. He was the life of the house, always into something, always instigating and never passing up the opportunity to steal the food right out of your mouth. Which he did a number of times. Always back talking when you told him to do something he didn’t think he needed to do like come inside or share the toys and all the bones.
We first got Pogie when we went out to eat one night, our waitress said she had to get rid of her dog because she lived in an apartment and he wanted to do was bark all the time. (lol not Pogie)We told her we wanted him and waited for her to get off work, followed her home and it was love at first site even though he looked like one of those little pigs… he was so fat.
He had such a strong will to live and had overcome so much in his 11 years with us. As I said he was always into something which in return was the reason for not one but two surgery’s for eating things that would not come back out. A case of rat poison that he found in a friends camper and a copperhead bite right on his little snout. And lets leave out the fact that for the last year of his life he was a diabetic and had to have two insulin shots a day. He absolutely loved to live and he did it wide open all the time.
Our house and our lives are not the same without our little Pogie Bear (AKA The Pog)and there is still not a day that goes by that his memory doesn’t bring a smile to my face and the loss of him a tear to to my eyes. We will forever love and miss our little bear.
RIP Pogie from Mommy and Daddy
Mark & Ina Johnson