Sweetest Boy

Date of Pet Passing – 04/19/2023
– Phebe Kirby

Bernie McClellan

We only had you 2 1/2 years and that was not enough time. We miss you terribly. You were the sweetest and happiest dog. I miss you when I go outside, you loved it outside. I miss you when I get up in the morning, seeing your cute face. Sending a daily picture to your mommy, who missed you while she is at school. I miss rubbing your belly at night while watching TV. I miss you following me around the house because you always wanted to be wherever I was. You were loved so much. You were taken from us suddenly and tragically and it has been very hard on your family. I wanted the best for you and tried to take care of you and make sure you were safe, but I failed. I love you so much.
To those who are reading this, beware of the plants and trees in your yard. Our sweet Bernie ate something poisonous and died within 4 hours. We have been told maybe a wild cherry tree leaf or the fruit from the tree.