Smokey our Gentle Giant

Date of Pet Passing –



We rescued you in Alabama, brought you home on the plane with us and the crew guys to be a part of our family. We didn’t know how Marley our girl Great Dane would feel about having a brother, but somehow knew we could all make it work. You became a part of our family immediately. All you wanted was love! You became a brother, a son, and a best friend that was always wagging and so happy to see and meet anyone. So very gentle with 100% love. I am so blessed to have had the six and half years I got to spend with you. I know that the truth in all of this is that you rescued me. I will miss you so very much and think of you each and everyday! You and Marley have a great time and lots of treats and mom will see you again one day! All my love to you and Marley…. Until we meet again. Mom loves you both!
Pam & Harold Holly