Pet Cremation

What to expect when your pet is cremated at Pet Pilgrimage.

We understand that entrusting us with the cremation of your pet is an important decision for you. We encourage you to call us to discuss your individual needs.

Every pet’s life is a precious gift, no matter how large or small. The following cremation service is for all pets, no matter their size.


Private Cremation – All Pets – $195:

  • 24 Hour personal assistance
  • A comforting environment for final goodbyes and memorial services
  • Private cremation of your pet
  • Hand carved wood urn
  • Imprint of your pet’s paw set in ceramic clay
  • Keepsake fur clipping
  • Remembrance wildflower seeds
  • Rainbow Bridge poem
  • Pictures of your pet’s nose and paw print archived
  • Online pet memorial
  • Grief support from certified pet grief counselor
  • Grief support material for adults and children
  • Cremation certificate
  • Annual Pet Life Celebration memorial event

Transportation is available for a small additional fee – Fees are determined by distance and time of day


To help you feel more comfortable with the service Pet Pilgrimage provides, the following is a description of our pet cremation process:

  • Since the time of your pet’s passing is unpredictable, Pet Pilgrimage staff is on call 24-hours a day
  • You can personally bring your pet to Pet Pilgrimage, or we can arrange transportation for your pet from your home or veterinary clinic.
  • Our pet crematory is within our facility. This means your pet never leaves our personal care or premises. We welcome you to tour our facility including the pet crematory.
  • Pet Pilgrimage privately cremates each pet. Private cremation assures you that there are no other pets in the cremation chamber. Your pet can be wrapped in its favorite blanket, nestled in its bed, and accompanied by a favorite toy.
  • Pet Pilgrimage is one of the only on-site crematories in North Carolina. It is also one of the very few that allows families to visit and tour the entire facility.
  • You are welcome to stay with your pet for as long as you wish prior to the cremation. Or, you may stay for the duration of the cremation.
  • An indestructible identification tag accompanies your pet throughout the private cremation process. This system unconditionally guarantees that the cremated remains you receive are those of your pet.


Following your pets cremation:

  • We understand the timeliness of getting your pet back home, so we strive to return your pet within 24-48 hours.
  • We return your pet to you in a complementary hand carved wood urn. You will also receive several personal keepsakes; one of which is a beautiful imprint of your pet’s paw set in clay. In addition, you will also receive an individualized memorial folder, helpful grief support information and the ever-comforting poem, Rainbow Bridge.
  • Families can honor pets in a personal tribute and publicly share the tribute with friends on our pet memorial page
  • Receive ongoing support from our Pet Loss Grief Support Group, grief support literature and annual memorial events.

Pet Cremation enables us to keep our faithful companions always nearby. Whether you decide to keep your pet’s cremated remains at home or choose to scatter them in a location that evokes pleasant memories, cremation gives you a greater freedom in choosing what will bring you the most comfort.

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