This week, we experienced the loss of a family (member) pet that was devastating to our entire family. Sammie, who was our 11 year old lab went to heaven on 10/12/2021 after being my grandparent’s sidekick her entire life. She had my grandparents wrapped around her finger since the day she came home with them. As the passing of their best friend was hard on them, Pet Pilgrimage made the process much more bearable for our family. They took the time to answer any questions that we had, as well as explain the process during her stay at Pet Pilgrimage. It was our first encounter with them and surely will not be our last. My grandfather was given time in one of the family rooms to say goodbye to his best friend of 11 years. As we were leaving the facility, I could see a piece of relief from my grandfather because he knew that his Sammie was being honor and respected in a way that he had ever hoped for in this moment. The following day we were able to pick up our urn, clay print, and much more that gave us a sense of joy to know we will always be able to have her close. Thank you so much Pet Pilgrimage family for taking the time to give our family what we needed. It is most definitely a place that I highly recommend for anyone who is having to say goodbye to their family pet. They were able to take my grandfather worse day and make it into something that he can look back on and have a sense of relief.

Audrey Harrell