Remembering Tink

Date of Pet Passing – 10/06/2020
– Allyson Morris


Our Tink passed away after a long heart related illness in her home lying in her mom’s arms. Tink was a rescue and mom never really loved her name, but she would only answer to Tink, so we kept the name. We affectionately called her many other names; Winky, Weenie, Neen/Teen, Teenie and Stink to name a few. Tink was the alpha dog in our pack. No one messed with her, her food or her space. She loved the couch and a warm blanket. People would always ask us what kind of dog Tink was. We think she was a rat terrier/chihuahua. The running joke was that she was part rat. We would often say, “Tink is having a rat day” when she would look more “ratt-ish” than dog. Tink was super picky with her food and who she allowed to pet her, but she would light up when her mom came home or when it was time for bed. Her brother Rocky and sisters Lily and Marcy miss her greatly. We will miss her couch cuddles, her cute little prance, the way she skipped when on a walk, her wet kisses and her unconditional love of her family. There are many memories of Tink that will live on. To name a few: Sydney’s song about Tink, Rocky getting Tink to run away from home, Tink on the golf cart at OL, her sunbathing sessions on the deck and her crazy eyes and barking when she would see another dog on her walks. We love you Tink. Always and forever.