Remembering our beloved Brady

Date of Pet Passing – 02/03/2021
– Megan Myers


Our dear Brady would have been 17 years old this past Monday the 15th. From the day he was born I knew that he was mine. Being the only blonde pup in a litter of 8. Sadly they had lost their mother when they were only 4 days old. Long frequent shifts with my Mom taking turns to feed them every 2-3 hours in the night. Eventually finding homes for the other six at 8 weeks old. All survived! That was a great accomplishment back then. Brady had grown up with is brother Lucky by his side, until they were 10 years old. Lucky was diagnosed with cancer that had spread fairly quickly. Lucky and Brady were as different as day and night, with not only looks but with personalities as well. They were the best companions anyone could have by my side! We traveled across country from NC to CA for 2 years. We had lived in Nashville, and Knoxville, TN for a total of 4 years. The many trips and adventures together was like a dream come true, that would have never been complete without them as my life companions. Brady has been the longest living companion, nearly half my life. We’ve embraced so much from his storm anxiety and into his slow decline of canine dementia, including the loss of his hearing and eventually his eye sight. I’ve watched him go from good days to bad days with arthritis to other health changes. He was still searching for his cheerios, or at our feet in the kitchen. Blind of deaf but had the best snout ever and smart too. He still looked like a pup and got all the attention for being so handsome. A pretty boy he was at day one. I hope that you have reunited with your brother Lucky, my sweet Brady. I will never forget you my sweet boy. Thank you for being my bestfriend.

Thank you Pet Pilgrimage for your services as well as Dr. Knight at Lakewood Veterinary. We tried laser treatments and many comfort options before finally seeking Dr. Tillman at Comfort at home. Thank you to Dr. Tillman for your compassion and patience during the difficult time. You all handled our beloved companion with such care.