Remembering Crescent Out Of The Blue

Date of Pet Passing –



DIESEL 12/5/2003 – 7/20/2013
Officially: Crescent Out of the Blue

Diesel was born to be a show puppy, but that was not in the cards but what he became was so much more. He was our pet, companion and clown. Recently, he was the poster child for Stem Cell Therapy, it truly was beneficial for him!

Anyone that knew Diesel, knows, he had CHARACTER. He liked nothing more than to be on top of anything, except the grooming table … as long as he was UP, he was happy. He ran thru the yard with joy on his face and ears in the air!!! He’d throw himself to the ground for a good roll, kicking feet in the air and growling all the while. He pounced on his toys in the most unusual manner. He greeted us with screams and cries of joy whenever we returned home. Diesel always made you feel better b/c of his JOY for life. He made you laugh with his antics!!!

Diesel’s SCT surgery last year improved his life greatly. He has spent more time travelling with us than ever, taking small hikes in the many wonderful places we have visited. Lots of great memories and pictures we will hold dear. I believe he enjoyed the RV more than any of the dogs …. always on the dashboard to see the next adventure, and as we drove down the highway he slept on the sofa If friends came calling he was often there on the dinette table to welcome you to his RV.

Diesel was always Keith’s dog but has been my rock to help me thru the lose of his half brother, Chant in April. Now we are just devastated and the grief unbearable. This is so sudden, unexpected and shocking. Please remember Diesel as he makes his journey to the bridge, we have lost another shining star. I love you, DD!!!!
Keith & Peggy Zionts