Remembering Chant

Date of Pet Passing –



Chant was an amazing dog who touched the lifes of many! He was a Best in Specialty Show winner and Outstanding Sire but most of all my bestest biggest doggie. He served as a Therapy Dog from the age of 8 weeks, first growing up at my job in a Nursing Home and then serving in Adult & Pediatric Oncology at DUKE University. Upon relocating to Catawba Co, Chant began work at the HOSPICE House.
Chant has left a fabulous legacy thru his kids, grand kids, great grant kids … many are top winning show dogs, many are loving companions, with even more serving as Therapy Dogs. He also has many working as Service Dogs, one who actually saved his family when their home burned to the ground.
He was MY DOG but I would fortunte to share him in so many ways, he had too much love and goodness for just one family. We miss him so very much but are fortunate to have shared his lifetime with him. Love you and Miss you Chantie!!!!
Peggy & Keith Zionts