Queen Tibetan

Date of Pet Passing – 12/27/2023
– Jenna Repass


There was no need for DNA testing for Jenna. She was 100% Tibetan Terrier. We have endless “stubborn” stories that are so funny. Jenna could do multiple tricks. She could do them on command in less than a second like she was ready for Hollywood. However, if she couldn’t visually see a treat in your hand and you told her to “sit”, she would look away like she’s deaf. There was no command she couldn’t understand as long as the reward was good enough. She was super sweet as well but she was all about herself. I brought her and Gunnar home on the same day as puppies. They weren’t siblings but were both puppies. They were both so independent and never had littermate syndrome. When we lost him, she never grieved a day. In fact, she seemed happy the next day. She loved having all the attention. Jenna would ring one bell to go outside and a different bell if she wanted food. In the last few nights we had Gunnar and he was sick, she rang the food bell at 2AM. She had never done that before. I looked over and Gunnar had collapsed in front of the bowls. I was in tears because I thought she was trying to tell me to help him and she finally showed empathy! I picked him up and she marched over and started guzzling water. I realized she only wanted a drink. She was regal and so strong. She was stoic when she was sick and tolerated everything better than the boys. We will miss her forever. I hope you are playing with Gunnar and you both are in no pain and happy. Thank you for filling your role here on earth with a personality that made us all laugh every day. We love you Jenna/Sophia!