Pure Love

Date of Pet Passing –



When we adopted Frankie as a pup,the runt of the litter, born to a mother being fostered, I was the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. One look at this pup and I knew he was mine. Throughout Frankie’s short life, he was plaqued by health issues, from digestive problems to skin problems. I always fussed over Frankie, even though we had 4 more that needed my attention, he was my main squeeze. Frankie and I were bonded since he was with me 24/7. He knew the sound of my car, he knew it was me on the phone with my husband, barking just to make sure I knew he was there. Frankie’s untimely death, threw me into such a deep mourn for him. I cry every day, I think about him every second. I should move on but I am frozen. My heart aches and my insides literally feel empty. My heart won’t let go and my mind won’t either. I wish he were here with me, his momma. Every time I would kiss him, I would say “I’ll love you till the day I die” and nothing will ever be so true. I would sing to him always, making up stupid lyrics on the way. He was it…my pride, my joy, my baby boy. After 3 weeks, I find it not getting any easier to deal, but in fact harder. I want him here with his momma!! His birthday in February would have made him 9, way too young to leave me. I try to give my other 4 the same attention I did Frankie, but it is impossible,because no other dog will ever be him. His habit on nibbling the blankets used to be annoying, now I crave it. His issues that left me sometimes exhausted, bathing him twice a day for his yeast infections, is so sorely missed. My bedtime where he would “spoon” with me is now just a pillow. My life will never be the same. I am blessed that I had him for that time I did and the true love he gave me. I will never be the same. I will, I fear, never love so deeply or miss so much. He was and is truly the love of my life. I talk to him, secretively and say things that only him and I knew. I will celebrate his life by continuing my fight for animal rights, keeping him and his rituals fresh in my mind and to be that person he always thought I was. I will continue to treat my other 4, with love and respect, that they so deserve. But my heart belongs to Frankie. I’ll see you in my dreams and keep you close in my heart and know I love you and miss you with every fiber of my being. Goodnight…sweet prince.
Stephanie Durecko