Pupp Family

After a sudden illness, it became apparent we needed to put our 7 year old dog, Cutter, to sleep. I called my husband at work and he came right home. My husband helped Cutter into the car (front seat for his final car ride) and our nine year old, Rylee and I rode in the back. I had called the vet to let them know we were coming and they were ready when we got there. The three of us laid on the floor with Cutter as he went to sleep. And we sobbed. The Doctor told us the people from Pet Pilgrimage had arrived to take Cutter. We said our good byes and my husband and the funeral director picked our precious baby off the floor and put him on a gurney to take him to the car. Leslie held me while I cried and promised to take good care of him. She told our son Rylee she would make him a special paw print and clip of Cutter’s fur for him. They allowed us to walk out to the van with him and we said one last good bye. Leslie told us she would take care of Cutter right away and asked if she could bring him home later that day.

That evening family came over to help us celebrate Cutter’s life and we laughed and cried as we remembered this incredibly smart dog. Then the doorbell rang and it was Leslie. She had a canvas bag with our babies’ ashes in a beautiful wooden box, a paw print, a clipping of Cutter’s fur and a sweet book about losing your beloved pet. She sat with us and listened as we told her about this beautiful dog who had changed our lives. She even gave him the nickname of The Mayor when she heard about him roaming the neighborhood and visiting with people we had never met.

A few days later I was having a really rough time after going to the bank and them asking where he was. I called Leslie and asked if I could stop by and she said of course. I stopped in and she sat with me as I cried for a while. She never made me feel like I was taking up her time. She just kept telling me that my grief was real and I should not feel silly for all the crying I’d done.

I don’t know how to thank you Leslie other than to say that we will forever be grateful for you and your ministry. Loosing Cutter has been so hard for our family but your compassion and loving nature made it much easier. Thank you for treating Cutter with dignity. Terry, Rylee and I thank you for everything you’ve done for us. We have and will continue to tell our friends with furbabies about Pet Pilgrimage when their time of need comes. God bless you!

April 3, 2013