Marianne Spain Norman

Pet Pilgrimage is phenomenal. I cannot say enough great things about everyone at Pet Pilgrimage. They came to get our Pee Dee after he said goodbye to us. Compassionate and caring, they offered the best service we could ask for in a difficult time. I can honestly say that they made this time easier for us.

We brought our kids to see Pee Dee at their location. This was their suggestion when I said I wanted closure for the kids. They had him partially covered with an angel blanket. He looked so peaceful. We were able to take our time, talk with the kids…they even had a pet grief workbook and crayons for them. Their staff was great with us and the kids.

The cremation was done quickly and we had him back in just over 24 hours. These people truly love pets and their owners.

May 24, 2018