Kristen Jordan

Kosar meant the whole world to us… obviously we chose to have him cremated. Our friends recommend Pet Pilgrimage. It’s a funeral home that treats your fur babies just like a human. They do private individual cremations and will come pick up your pet from any location at anytime.. they are 24/7. Kosar passed at 4:57.. we called them at 5:01.. at 6:29 they called us and said they picked up our baby and already have him back at their facility. How amazing is that? It makes my heart feel so good that there is a place that treats the fur babies just like any other human. And Kosar will be back to us within 24-48 hours. What an awesome place! They are going to put his ashes in a wooden hand carved urn and going to make a clay paw print!!

September 23, 2019