Jennifer Pinyan

My husband and I got our first dog together when we had only been dating for 3 months. I knew right then, when he agreed to adopt this little puppy from the shelter that he was my soul mate. That was almost 15 years ago. Add 2 more dogs and three kids to the mix and that was our life. When we lost our Hooch less than a month ago, our world was rocked in a way that we could not have imagined or prepared for. Pet Pilgrimage was a God send. We were on vacation and my sister had called us the morning we were returning home to give us the news. We had contacted Pet Pilgrimage for some info several months prior and had that info and the phone number on our fridge. When my sister called, she had already called for us, but said I would need to call to make the payment. When I called, they were already en route to our house! On a Saturday! So first impression was a great one! I received a call that afternoon that our boy had been cremated and everything was ready to be picked up whenever we were ready. When we went to pick him up, Leslie was wonderful and when we left, our kids felt that they had made a new friend. This evening, we went to the Pet Life Celebration and again, everyone and everything was wonderful. Another shout out to Leslie for allowing our daughter to be her shadow and help out with so much. We can never fully express our gratitude and appreciation for Pet Pilgrimage.

September 9, 2018