Janelle Colf

My fur baby Puffy went to the Rainbow Bridge on Monday. My vet at East Lincoln Animal Hospital recommended that we have Puffy sent to Pet Pilgrimage. They were at the vet within 30 mins. The man who picked him up was so incredibly sweet and kind, letting us know that we could take as much time as we needed. He loaded Puffy with such love and tenderness and told us we would have our sweet baby back in 24 hours. I could not believe when I got the call at 2PM the next day letting me know I could come get my baby. I was just expecting an urn, but to see a card, his paw prints in clay, a lock of fur, a rainbow bridge bag, and all of the pamphlets about how to deal with grief were so amazing. No one wants to say goodbye, but to see that kind of love and attention to detail was just absolutely phenomenal. I cannot thank you all enough for what you did for my baby.

August 24, 2017