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Kobe “rescued” us on 12/27/10. He was found in Chapel Hill, NC and saved by the wonderful people at the Shar Pei Rescue of VA. The very first time I saw his face online, I knew he was my dog.

He fit perfectly into our family from day one. From a constant companion to our 3 children, to a work from home buddy to his dad, to a true soul dog for his mom, Kobe was the best dog. Whether it was many, many kisses, snuggles after a long day, or naps, he always was right by my side. Kobe understood me always, without saying a word. He truly embodied what unconditional love was.

During the 11.5 years Kobe was with us, my heart grew and he taught us so many things. We will never forgot you my sweet baby love. Run free over the rainbow bridge and I look forward to the day when we meet again. I will try my best to make you proud. Because of all the things you taught me, living without you wasn’t one of them. I’ll love you forever!


Owner: Jennifer Perez
Pet’s Date of Passing: 5/18/2022

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