Our Sweetie Wheatie

Date of Pet Passing – 12/26/2022
– Brianna Biel


Misty was the sweetest angel who ever walked the face of the earth. Born on Mischief Night, Misty loved to sneak around the house and peak around corners. She loved giving kisstys, spending time with her family, chin rubs and Misty-mushing into snuggles. Misty was a caregiver, a best friend and the definition of pure love. She was a beloved granddaughter, daughter, niece, sister and cousin. Her love was bigger than her body. Her sweetness and selflessness made her a mama to all. No words can fully capture the light that Misty brought into this world. We are thankful she will continue to lighten up our lives with beautiful memories. We love Moo and miss Moo whole world. We can’t wait for the day we’re reunited and get to feel your soft fur, little wet nose and sweet kistys again.