Our Sweetest Pey

Date of Pet Passing –



Our Dearest Peylin, We will never forget the day you found us 8 years ago. We saw you walking down the road, you stopped at the side of our car and looked in as if to say “help me”. I had daddy take me home and I got our van and drove down the road, you were sitting at the front door of a neighbors home. I asked if you where there’s and they said “no”. I asked if they minded me taking you and seeing if I could find your home or help find you one. Not knowing you had already decided we where yours. I asked if you wanted to go with me and as soon as I opened up the door on the van, you jumped in like you had done it a million times. I was so hoping that our other fur baby at home would like you, she had been the only one for so long. You and Daisy became so close and where good sister’s to each other. I’ll never forget all the trouble you used to get into, like the time you opened the laundry room door and got your Daddy’s chocolate birthday cake down and ate ALL of it. You have left us with so many, many wonderful memories. Thank you for choosing us and giving us the most wonderful 8 years of your life. You will never be forgotten my sweet one. So until we see each other again, you enjoy doing all the things you weren’t able to here. I know your Grandpa and Grandma in Heaven will play ball with you and cuddle you until we see you again. Never forget your Daddy and Mommy will always Love You!
John and Leslie Simmerman