Our sweet KeeWee will be missed.

Date of Pet Passing –



Our girl KeeWee crossed the Rainbow Bridge on January 16, 2016. We only had 3 1/2 years with her, but for her that was enough time. Her disease took it’s toll on our baby and she was ready to be at peace.

She was born 7/24/05, but didn’t come to life until 10/26/12. That was the day I drove to Fort Mill, SC to get my 2 week foster before she headed north (that didn’t work out). 90 minutes later she started her journey to truly becoming a dog (a redneck one at that). Her first awkward steps on grass were quite amusing and sad at the same time, but soon she was running (awkward again) and getting that big nose in the air and letting it take her to whatever poop pile she could scout out. Once her cushions disease was managed she shed 23 pounds and her 4 sisters helped her by running and playing in the woods.

She hated swimming – would cringe at the sight of the pool, but every once in a while she’d get dropped in for a cleaning. Her favorite activity was riding in the car. The dog would dance like John Travolta when you put shoes on or picked up a set of keys. I know she was dancing around when she took her last ride from the vet to the funeral home.

Pet Pilgrimage made a sad situation very sweet. They treated her with the respect she deserved, spoke kind words and she was returned to us so that she wouldn’t spend a night away from any of us.

Mommy, Daddy and your sisters will never forget you. Take care of your brothers in sisters in heaven and we’ll see you soon.
Shelly Nunn