Our special Cheesecake and Bean

Date of Pet Passing – 06/14/2022
– John & Ashley Custer


So today i had to say goodbye to a loved one…..a daughter…..imma miss you so much….im sad cancer has taken you but i know you put up a hard fight and i also know you are not in pain anymore and sleeping peacefully….. I love You my Cheescake, my Rin Bean…. may the All Father realize the fight you have made….may he send a Valkyrie to escort you to Asgard….may Heimdallr guide you across the beautiful Bifrost…..may Lady Freya introduce you to her feline friends so you have someone to play with…..and may Thor lead a song and toast in your name and wonderful life you had……goodbye little one….we will meet again someday and watch the morning sun rise again.

Me and your mother love you and will never forget you Rin.

May 4th 2020 – June 14th 2022 at 9:45am