Our special boy Zeus

Date of Pet Passing – 04/26/2023
– Elizabeth/James Halligan


Our journey with this little 4 legged creature started 11 years ago. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. The first few days bringing him home was sleepless nights. He was very active and liked to bite on everything including us. As the months passed, he tore up quite a bit of our house (remotes, rug, chairs basically everything he could chew on). We could never leave him alone. He was a very affectionate puppy that rarely slept.

Over the years; he became our companion. He accompanied us everywhere. We took him to mountains, beach, hikes, etc. He started to develop his own personality. He woke up at the same time each and every day. He wanted things on his own terms. He developed away to make us aware when he wanted something (barking). He threw his water container around when the water was empty. He also started to love food to a point where he would come get us and start barking when he was hungry which was 24/7.

After a year, we decided to get Zeus a brother (Apollo). Zeus never showed any traits of being jealous of bringing a new dog into the family. Zeus loved his younger brother and protected him. I’m not sure it was reciprocal on Apollo’s fault. Our time with Zeus has been full of love. He loved unconditionally with no limits. He was very loyal until the end. We will miss and never will forget.

Love you Zuesy,

Papito and Mamita