Our precious Max

Date of Pet Passing – 03/16/2023
– Karen Rhea

Max Rhea

Max 2008-2023
Max (aka Bubby to Nana and Pap) our beloved family member joined his departed fur family Sydney, Pooder, Girlfriend, and Bosh on 3/16/2023.
Max had the greatest personality! He loved playing football with Ryan. Pap would pass the football to Ryan and Max would jump up and intercept the ball between his front paws. In addition to playing, Max loved working in the barn keeping an eye on the horses. Max also had a special perception on telling time. He knew when it was time for Pap to come home from work. He would stand at the front door looking out the window. He also knew when it was time to take walks where he was the leader and everyone would have to be in the right order behind Max during the walks. We would laugh and say Max rules! Another one of the special memories we will always share with Max is that every night he would walk around the bed and make sure that Nana and Pap were tucked in saying goodnight to us before he crawled into his bed.
Max, we want to thank you for all of the special memories and making our lives richer. Our hearts are aching and we know you are in a better place.
We love and miss you Max and you will be forever in our hearts. ❤️