Our Little Princess

Date of Pet Passing –

Ms. MayCee Belle


Ms. MayCee Belle came to us with her son as two almost feral stray cats. At the time, we didn’t think we needed anymore pets, but apparently we did. Over the course of a year, this little kitty learned to trust, love and play. She became a “Momma’s Girl” 100 percent and Momma became “Her Human” 100 percent. The bond was definitely mutual!

In June 2013, Ms MayCee took sick and slowly slide downhill. After numerous vet visits, it was found that she had stomach lymphoma and on July 23, 2013 she died peacefully in her Momma’s arms.

Words cannot express what this one little kitty came to mean to us. She will live forever in our hearts and will never be forgotten. She will be missed terribly.
Tom and Michelle Ferguson