Our home is dim without your light, ole girl.

Date of Pet Passing – 02/04/2022
– Derik & Megan Sanders



We miss your snoring, your tail slapping the floor whenever you were excited, and the seemingly never-ending stream of drool before meal times.

We miss the early mornings when you were ready to eat — even if it wasn’t time yet — pacing up and down the hallway, walking just far enough to turn on the motion light knowing it would wake us up. We miss your silliness, your uncanny ability to offer comfort when you knew we were sad, your unwavering loyalty, and your gentleness with our children.

We miss your hot breath radiating through the car on road trips, your barking when playing soccer in the yard and not getting the ball, and the weekend cups of coffee on the patio with you on the couch. We miss the movie nights with you curled up beside us on the sofa (you always thought your were a small lap dog), the company you provided laying beside the tub when we were taking a shower, and your consistent patience with the puppy when all he wanted to do was play and you were tired.

But most of all, we miss your beautiful soul and the light from your heart.

You were the glue that held our happiness together, and although that glue is now significantly cracked, we will try to fill it with your memory and never forget the wonderful years we shared together here on earth.

See you on the other side, my friend.