Our Gentle Giants

Date of Pet Passing –

Brooski & Diezel


Our profound thanks to the staff at Pet Pilgrimage, especially Paige, for their kindness, sympathy, and support while caring for our “Boys”. We can never thank you enough.

Brooski came into our lives at Reagan National Airport. Everyone else was pulling cute little 5 lb puppies out of their travel crates in baggage claim. When we pulled Brooski out of his crate everyone said “OMG”…he weighed over 20 lbs at 8 weeks old.
He was the best and most “human like” dog that we have ever known. So often, he would interact with us as though he was an actual person and not a dog. He was definitely a family member & protector and not just a pet. 6/26/06 – 10/4/16

For Diezel, we drove to Huntsville Alabama to pick him up.
He was our “Goober Dog”. He was goofy and kind of a dingbat, but he was the perfect side-kick for Brooski. He loved human attention more than any dog we’ve ever seen. Company would come over and he would immediately be all over them for cuddles or would try to sit on their lap. He was our “Little Dog” at 125 lbs, so he was definitely no lap dog, but he didn’t know that…or care. 4/4/09 – 6/13/16

When we finally leave this earth, Brooski’s and Diezel’s ashes will be spread with ours, over Waimea Canyon/Na Pali Coast, Kauai Hawaii.

We will never see their like again.

We will miss them forever…until we see them again. Rest well My Puppies!!!
Bud and Claudia Adams