Our family is broken

Date of Pet Passing – 06/15/2022
– Dawn Repass


I am so thankful to have 9 years with Gunnar. He was taken far too young. His light will shine forever in our hearts. There are no words to express the whole left in our hearts and over the months I have found that he is truly not replaceable. Mr. Maximum Charisma and Drama was one of a kind. I know that pain like this is born from love so I have to remind myself how lucky I was to be your doggy mom. Our first Tibetan Terrier never damaged one thing or even chewed a shoe. You walked in the house dragging a shoe from the step and took a dump in the living room. This was a small preview of what was coming. You were a serial killer with victims including squirrels, snakes, birds, frogs and even rabbits. All of these killings while on leash. You cried when your ears were examined even when they were not infected. You cried when you were brushed. However, you became a warrior when it mattered the most. All of your vet visits were like a party. You were so good at getting what you wanted. You could become Gumby to get food. You loved to travel and think you were driving the truck. I hope you are at the park, chasing all the squirrels over the rainbow bridge and that you and Joey are getting along. The rainbow bridge must have gotten rowdy when you entered. We are broken as a family without you.