Our Baby, Our Boy…Our Baby, Our Pride & Joy

Date of Pet Passing – 02/26/2018
– Teddy & Marlena Zern

Gizmo Zern

On Feb 26, 2018, Our Beloved Gizmo departed his earthly home in the arms of his Daddy, for the Rainbow Bridge. Gizmo was a faithful companion, best friend, trucking dog, and Mama’s boy, just shy of 14 years old. The past year he battled cancer like a trooper and showed us just how big of a fighter he truly was. His unconditional love and compassion towards his family was a unique trait of his. He always loved his belly rubs from his mama and his back scratches from his daddy and getting a special surprise anytime someone entered the house. We are truly heartbroken and shattered at the loss of our baby boy BoBo! He went on many adventures with us traveling the US in a semi truck. He was a wonderful travel buddy, always loved to go “bye bye”. Didn’t matter where as long as we was together. He was very well behaved, and could go on shopping trips with mama and his sissy. He was a very friendly boy making friends far and wide, leaving smiles and puppy lovins to those that crossed his path. He gave the most precious puppy cuddles and was the best back warmer ever! Many say he was quiet spoiled and we agree, he was ours, and we was his. There was a special bond between he and his humans and unless you experienced it, words really can’t put that into perspective.

Baby Boy, now your truly our angel, you was an amazing baby and we miss you every second of every day, run and play at the rainbow bridge and know that we’ll be there soon to be with you once again. Until then, send mama sunshine after every rain and know that we will forever love you more. I’ll only miss you while I’m breathing!