My Sweet Saleem

Date of Pet Passing – 06/03/2018
– Chandler Groce


Saleem is a betta fish who passed this June at about two years old. Saleem was my first pet that I fully took care of. He was like my baby, I loved buying things for him and putting all of my love and effort into keeping him happy. Saleem’s tank was right beside my bed and I would look at him he would look back to me every night. He knew when I was talking to him and he would listen. He comforted me when I wanted someone to talk to and was always there for me. When I would feed him he would dance around and swim so happily. He was very picky about what was in his tank / how it was arranged.
Once I wanted to spoil him and get him a brand new tank! It was bigger and had a top of the market filter system. When I finally transferred him he hated it! He sank to the bottom and would not swim around. I ended up transferring him back to his old tank and everything went back to normal. He never got sick and was very healthy all the way to his passing.
Since I got Saleem from a common pet store (unknowing the importance of going to a reliable buyer) he passed from old age. Saleem was full of personality and characteristics I would have never foreseen in a betta fish! He taught me that all fish have unique and special personalities, and sparked my love for fish.
When Saleem passed away I looked to multiple pet crematory businesses. In the end I decided to use Pet Pilgrimage and it was the best possible decision I could have made for him. Thank you Pet Pilgrimage for all you have done for Saleem and I.
Until we meet again, Chandler.