My Sweet Princess

Date of Pet Passing – 11/03/2020
– Kristina Lee


Sadie was the sweetest soul. She never knew a stranger and loved cuddles and belly rubs. She fought a long fight to stay with us for so long. Her presence warmed up the room as she just wanted to be around everyone. We never had to vacuum the kitchen as she was our little vacuum and took all the food droppings. Her favorite human snack is Goldfish and her momma would always share her food with Sadie. She loved her little sweaters and tank tops, so much as soon as we pulled them out she plopped her head right through them and wanted to wear them, and she always modeled them for the camera when momma would take photos of her new “swag”.
Her sister loved to play with her and they would take naps beside each other. Sadie loved to be in the pool as well. She had her own floaty and would just float around enjoying the water. Sadie was our little princess and she knew she had us wrapped around her little paw. She always got what she wanted and was never told no to a cuddle. We all miss her so deeply and love her so much.