My Protector and Best Friend, SaraDru

Date of Pet Passing – 06/21/2018
– Whitney Langley

Sara Dru Langley

Sara was born December 29, 2008. She was the shy one in the back that was almost solid black except for the almost w on her chest, it was meant to be! She was there with me through all my first, highs, and lows. She was my life, heart and soul, and I will miss her dearly. She has a boxer sister, Penny, and 4 kitties, Madi, Klaus, Crowley, and Davina. Along with 2 furless brothers Jackson, 5 & Jasper, 3. Her dad came into her life when she was a year old, and she absolutely adored him. She knew he was the one and she made sure to let me know. Her favorite place was the beach. Sara absolutely loved the water, even though she couldn’t swim. (there is the funniest story ever I can tell about her swimming adventures) She loved the snow, we would have to make her come in so her feet wouldn’t get chapped or bloody (like her sisters does, so easily) because she wouldn’t wear shoes. I made sure she went on every vacation and every trip I could possibly take her on. I will cherish all the memories I have of my first sweet baby.

Sara, Life will be hard without you, and I will have to learn to breathe and walk through life without you. You will forever be missed, and I know I will see you on the other side. You took a lot of me with you, though I still have you with me!

I Love You Forever & Always!