My loving kitty Clinty fish

Date of Pet Passing –



My kitty Clint was a loving goofy cat. He loved being carried outside to see the birds and butterflies and smell all the different flowers and feel the warmth of the Sun shinning down on him. He would show his love and thankfulness by rubbing you with his head several times. That always made me laugh and feel so loved. Clint was always there for me no matter what. He helped me through a lot of tough times. With my help he survived double inner ear infections. I thought the rest of his life would be laying in the sun or on my bed and being my best friend til the end. That wasn;t meant to be, CLint had another life or death health crisis and now he is gone. On March 31,2013 he would be 11. Only Clint and God knows what really happened to Clint in Feb and March. I miss you Fishyboy sooo much and I am staying strong for you. I love you CLint. You are on my bed next to my pillow in your urn in your sleeping spot. I love and miss you Fishyboy.
Dolores Craw