My little Luvi bird

Date of Pet Passing – 10/05/2020
– Lyn Reese


I named you that because you were the most loving affectionate creature that ever entered my life and I realized this from the beginning – 24 years ago.
You were a bright light in my life and I’ll miss your affection. I’ll miss hearing your little voice: “Good Morning” many times before I uncovered your cage every day; “Gimme Some” every time I open the refrigerator or crumbled a bag in the pantry; “What are you doin ?” when I was out of your line-of-site – knowing that would bring my attention to your cage; and most cherished ”C’mere- n -Kiss me” to which I could never resist ! I’ll always cherish you whispering sweet nothings into my ear when perched on my shoulder while preening my hair. I know how much you adored your bath time and being wrapped up in your blanket afterwards and how you loved being blow dried too !
No one can really understand the companionship you provided to me and how much it enriched my life. Thank you for making me and everyone laugh with your funny antics, I loved playing with you and watching you play with your toys, especially when you had wrestling matches with your rubber duck, and that thing you did with your bell !
Like virtually all Bird species who are committed to their mates for life – although I’m human – I was committed to yours for life. But yours ended much sooner than I expected, and much sooner than I needed. I’m left with an empty hole in my heart without you here, but I’ll hold you in my heart until I can hold you in Heaven.
Love you so much,