My first real pet

Date of Pet Passing – 01/23/2019
– Brandice Fair


In spring of 2017, I came across a Craigslist add from a woman with two senior cats that she couldn’t keep anymore. She didn’t want to put them down so she was searching for someone who would take them in. I answered the call and by July I became the new parent of Buddi and Mary.
Buddi was 14 years old and ridiculously friendly. After only 5 mins of exploring my apartment she hopped on the bed and laid down with me. She also became instant friends with my partner. No one was a stranger.
Buddi was so sweet and demanded constant petting. She loved to lay in front of our heater for hours. She snored really loud. She also slept with her eyes open from time to time.
When I rescued a kitten Buddi immediately loved her and played with her. Buddi acted so youthful with the kitten that I sometimes forgot she was 16 years old.
Just a week ago, Buddi was acting strange and refusing to eat. On this past Tuesday we took her to the vet and discovered she had a mass of tumors in her stomach. The next day she gone. She passed away at home, as I pet her.
There will probably never be another cat that I come across that is anything like Buddi. We love her and miss her so much. She was a true friend.

Thank you , pet pilgrimage. The keepsakes are wonderful and I’m so thankful that you allowed me so much time to hold Buddi.