My Best Friend

Date of Pet Passing – 05/14/2023
– Sydney Wilcox


My sweet Bruno. You entered my life when you were just a puppy and I was 8. We’ve spent nearly our whole lives together. You were the most tolerant baby when we were young- letting me dress you in my doll clothes and tote you around in bags. You instantly became my best friend and I remember trying to sneak you into my backpack into school. As we both got older, and life got harder you were always there for me, without judgement and ready to comfort me. You got me through some of the hardest moments in my life and in turn, when your sickness took ahold, I did everything in my power to comfort you. I will never forget your sweet habits, like your “happy sneezes”, or your love to roll around in fresh cut grass. You gave me 16 years of unconditional love and I am glad that you are finally at peace. While my life will have to continue without you, I know you be with me every step of the way. I will love you forever, my sweet boy.