My Addie, My Heartbear

Date of Pet Passing – 01/17/2020
– Donna Cole


You came into my world in December of 2007 at 11 weeks old. Life would never be the same and now that you are gone, My heart will always have a void. Your memory, will never fade, never leave, I won’t let it. Thank you sweet bear, for all the joy, the love and the memories. I wouldn’t change a thing except to have the chance to do it all over again. Daddy and I miss you so much already, so do Bullet and Sammy. They are lost without you, we all are. I’ve known the love of many fur babies over the years, all are special and unique. But you my love, you brought unique to a whole new level, from your nay nay dance, your puppy honk, the 50 nicknames that defined you, your serious and never ending tude and your ability to own whomever you personally picked, your beautiful smile, kisses, love of chicken wings and roadblocking abilities, non will never be forgotten. There will never be a day, I don’t miss you.

I will love you till my last heartbeat… my heartbear sleep tight and be at peace.

Mommy loves you…