Misunderstoond Binx

Date of Pet Passing – 09/04/2023
– Amber Sipes


Binx was the best cat she could be and you could ever ask for.. although she wanted to be a dog. Rescued from
peploe who don’t even know she was a girl. Misunderstood but the sweetest especially her face. Her quite lil Meows to her extreme ones of getting petted well Scratched like a doggie. Binx’s best friend was a Red eared slider 🐢 named Norman. It was best friends at first sight until the end. She passed away right beside her family. Her turtle Her siamese buddy Simon also Doug the german Shepherd. It was sudden when you went so rest easy our babygirl, until we meet again…you family will always love, cherish and remember the one and only BinXxxy babies ♥