Memorial Services

Honor your pet in your own special way.


We appreciate the importance of honoring the life of your pet in your own special way. We can help you arrange a tribute that reflects their unique personality and honors the special time you shared with them.

Ways to honor your pet

An intimate memorial service can be arranged at Pet Pilgrimage or Cavin-Cook Funeral Home.

Personal messages can be written on paper or play toys and placed in the crematory with your pet.

As a family, make personalized votives with art or images of your pet and use them in a luminary service.

Create a personal tribute to your pet on our Pet Memorials page and share with friends.

Create artwork, write stories or heart-felt poems (this is not only helpful for children but for adults as well.)

Create a shadow box filled with photos of your pet and their favorite things.

Commemorate your pet’s life with a meaningful keepsake.

Decorate a flower pot with art that reminds you of your pet. Use your pet’s collar or a favorite toy as part of the decoration.

Share the love you had for your pet with other pets that are awaiting their forever homes by donating unopened pet food and supplies to a local pet rescue.