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Memorial Services

Sharing life with a beloved pet creates emotions that last forever.

Our pet’s antics make us laugh, their unconditional affection comforts us, and their loyalty is unmatched. For people who own service pets that assist with daily living, their interaction both sustains and protects them. At the very least, our pets’ lives bring a special joy and spirit to our existence.

child drawingWhen a pet reaches the end of its life, it’s only natural to want to honor them and share the love we, as well as family and friends, gained from their presence. A planned gathering of those who are special to you and your pet is a wonderful way to remember this indescribable bond. Pet Pilgrimage honors your wishes with the personal care and attention to detail that your pet deserves. We offer a comfortable environment where family, friends and pet siblings can say goodbye, hold an intimate memorial service, or honor your faithful companion in your own special way.

Here are some of the ways we help families honor their pets:

  • Children are invited to draw pictures, write stories or heart-felt poems.
  • Copies of a favorite picture of your pet can be created and remembrances written on the back, then tied to balloons and released at a moving ceremony. Wherever the balloons land, those who find them will know how very special your pet’s life was to you.
  • Personal messages can be written on play toys and placed in the crematory with your pet.
  • Votives you and your family have personalized with art or images of your pet can be used in a luminary service.
  • A memorial service can be held in the Cavin-Cook all-faith chapel with music and a video tribute.
  • Should you wish to share the love you had for your pet with those awaiting their “fur-ever home”, you may bring unopened pet food or supplies to the memorial service and Pet Pilgrimage will deliver them in your pet’s name to the local Humane Society.

Activities such as these help the journey through sadness become a positive one.

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