Mama and Daddy perfect princess

Date of Pet Passing – 12/10/2023
– Shara Rateliff

Sissy Rae Rateliff

Sissy Rae was her mommy and Daddy whole world. She loved her parents unconditionally. This world will never be the same without Sissy here.
She loved chicken and cheese. She loved that her daddy would carry her everywhere. Her favorite treats had chicken on them. She really didn’t like people. Just her parents. She had many toy babies Leon, Larry, harry. She enjoyed waking mommy up at 3am to do tricks and get her belly rubs. And mommy would rub her belly for hours as well as her feet.
At night time she would back her hinny up in between her mommy and daddy. She was so loved. And her mommy and daddy are so lost without her. RIP baby girl