Like Peas and Carrots

Date of Pet Passing –



I post this knowing those who read it had a pet they loved as much. I got Emma at 10 weeks. Such a sweet affectionate girl and “Emma” seemed to fit. Years and years passed before Emma had a period where she was not by my side for more than a few hours. I was lucky to be situated so I could do that and my husband felt the same. She loved us so much, and was such a good dog. We traveled many times, in the car and on planes. Emma was just small enough to fit under the seat. She was a good little traveler to-as if she understood she had to be especially good and obey the rules. As long as she was with us, she was happy. Emma was loved by all who met her. She greeted everyone with a smile and a wag and she had the cutest face! Even in death, Emma still looked cute. Her face was almost white but she was still beautiful.
It’s so hard to be home alone without my girl. I hope she knows how much I love her. Lately she had lost interest in life. Who could blame her? Deaf, almost blind and toward the end her smeller was failing too. She was leaving food in her bowl. I knew for a beagle, and a dog who loved her food, that was a bad sign. Her last days she was spoiled with yummy homemade food which she gobbled up. But in the end her body, at 17 years, was too week to stand.
I miss you Emma. I will never forget My Emma Dog
Mary Salisbury