When the leaves start changing color and summer fun is coming to a close, we must remember there are still a lot of warm days remaining. In fact, late summer months can be some of the hottest months in the South. With temperatures still soaring, here are some precautionary reminders to keep our furry babies safe and cool for the duration of the season.

Water: Keep plenty of clean water available to your pets and keep it out of the sun. It is easy to get busy this time of year, however keeping your pet’s bowl full of water is essential. 

Shelter: If your Shelter: If your dog is going to be spending time in the backyard, you need to think about shelter from the hot sun. Trees can be a good source of shelter, as long as they are sufficient in size to protect your pet for the amount of time they are out. It is important to remember that  dog houses are NOT shelter from the heat. If you need a good source for a quality dog house, check out this website: http://www.newagepet.com/product-category/dog/dog-houses/.

Exercise: Exercise is essential for our pets, but we must keep it to a minimum during the hottest hours of the day. When walking your pet, be aware of the pavement temperature

Try these ideas to stay safe and cool:

  • Protect your pals’ paws with booties, socks or paw protection wax. 
  • Kiddie pools and water sprinklers provide a great way for your furry friend to cool down. 
  • Cooling mats are always an option, and they are available on Amazon. I take one to the beach with me every year. 
  • There is also an “All for Paws Chill Out Ice Bandana” that can be found on Amazon. They also make this in a vest.
  • Check out the crate/dog house fans. There are models that utilize ice rings, which are like a personal air conditioner for your dog.

Give your pal a frosty treat. I have included a recipe for one of my dog’s favorites below and you can find more at: www.doggydessertchef.com.

By: Leslie Reid, Pet Pilgrimage Crematory and Memorials