Date of Pet Passing –



We are so blessed to have 9 wonderful years with the most charismatic dog on the planet. Everyone who met you fell in love with you immediately. Our home is so empty and lonely without you. I am so thankful that Nana arranged for you to be a part of the last family vacation and that you got to run on the beach this summer. Nana even arranged this AFTER you “marked” her pocketbook. I am so thankful that you got to play in the snow over Christmas. I am thankful that Grandma and Grandpa were always able to “grand-dog” sit so that you never had to stay in a kennel. After all, you never really enjoyed the company of other dogs. I am thankful that Pawpaw pointed out the most important thing. Different things can make you a complete family. For most people, after 2 children, they become a true family. Pawpaw pointed out that you made us a family. You were a brother to Chase and a second child for us. You were a great “outfielder” and always up for hide-and-seek. I am quite sure you never felt like a pet because you knew you were family. I hope you enjoyed every birthday and Christmas that you opened your own presents. There is not enough time or space for the endless “Joey” stories. They will remain in our hearts forever. We are trying to remember how lucky we were to have you as a part of our family. We will never forget how you would growl at the thought of a bath. We will never forget how you could do endless tricks. . . if there was a treat for you. Without a treat, there was no reason for tricks. We hope there are no thunderstorms or fireworks in heaven. Remember to “play nice” over the rainbow bridge with the other animals. You will forever be “Mommy’s baby” and “Daddy’s boy”.
Rusty, Dawn and Chase Repass