Indie Porter (4/18/08 – 9/3/23)

Date of Pet Passing – 09/03/2023
– Indie Porter

Indie Porter

Indie was a beloved member of our happy family for over 15 years. Indie was so much more than just a cat – he was truly special. He was a once in a lifetime companion; he was our best buddy. He was sweet, silly, loving and always pleasant. He brought us nothing but happiness, joy and love. He was the most loving creature we’ve ever met. There will never be another Indie.

Indie didn’t keep to himself like most cats, he followed us everywhere. He wanted to be with us all the time. He would stand up on his back legs and stretch out to grab at your waist, just to say hello. He’d sit on our lap, lay his head on our shoulder, or sprawl out across us any chance he got. He would always venture into the bathroom to greet us after a shower, jumping up on the ledge and announcing himself with a bright meow. He was always jumping up on furniture, tables, ledges, the kitchen island, anything he could, because he wasn’t satisfied with the distance between us and wanted to be closer. He would greet us when we returned home. He would let us carry him over our shoulder like a baby, with total trust, and would even sometimes start to fall asleep.

Indie wanted nothing more than endless cuddles and snuggles. He would chirp, purr, meow and give us headbutts all the time. He loved sunbathing on the dining room table, doing crazy cat, and throwing his catnip bananas across the room.

Indie would prance around and want to be chased. He would “hide” by sticking his head under the bed but his butt and tail would still be sticking out. Sometimes, he would run ahead to hide and wait around a corner to surprise us. He was an aggressive lover, and would get so worked up, he’d rub his gums and teeth all over our faces. He loved it when we layed on the ground with him so he could lick our hair. Sometimes he would get a little too excited and give us love bites. All he ever wanted was to be near us, to be right next to us or up on us, no matter where we were or what we were doing.

Indie was also the best brother to Scooter, and a much needed friend and playmate to Snowey, who unexpected joined our family.

Indie constantly told us how happy he was and how much he loved us, in his own way. He was such a silly cat, so full of life and love. We are so grateful and privileged that he was ours and we were his.

Indie was so special, and he meant so much to our family. To say he will be missed would be an understatement. We will forever have a void in our hearts from his loss, but we will love and remember him, always. We love you, Indie.