In Memory of our Sweet “PuppyGirl”

Date of Pet Passing – 02/08/2017
– Sharon Wheeler


Sienna was a red tri-color Australian Shepherd, officially registered as “Wheeler’s Sienna Princess”. Unofficially we gave her the affectionate nickname “PuppyGirl”. The span of her life was 16 years, 8 months, and 15 days. The worth of her life, at least to me, cannot be measured. We purchased her as a pet for our son; she became a cherished member of the family. From the first moment we met her that summer afternoon in 2000, there was no doubt that our son was meant to be “her boy” and we were meant to be her family. Sienna was gentle in temperament and intense in her loyalty to us. She was beautiful, intelligent, obedient, protective, and eager to please. Her greatest joy in life was simply to be near the people she loved. I would never have imagined that I could love an animal as deeply as I have loved Sienna. Rest in peace, my sweet “PuppyGirl”…I love you still and will always miss you.