In loving memory of our Magic

Date of Pet Passing – 12/26/2016
– Jimmy, Janice, James, and Stacey Broadwater


Growing up I never expected our family pet and my best friend of 17 years to suddenly have to leave our side. You gave us a long memorable life and even one last Christmas. We will remember you forever as our fat cat Magic.
Your welcoming meows as well as the uncontrollable smiles and joy that you gave to everyone with your one of a kind yet lovable personality is what the true magic really was all along. Ill be sure to bring you the biggest bag of snacks I can find when I see you again 🙂

Thank you for making us feel welcome and caring for our Magical as your own. I know he couldnt be more satisfied that he is once again forever by our side and I have plenty to cherish him by.