In loving memory of Bella 9/2008 – 2/2021

Date of Pet Passing – 02/19/2021
– Pam & Gus D’Agostino


I lived my life with great enthusiasm, it all began when I was a puppy, I ran everywhere and explored this beautiful world with my nose. I admit, I was a bit obsessed with tennis balls. I played fetch every day that I could. I played in the grass, in the snow, and in the lake on hot summer days. I was always ready to go a ride, often it was in the car or the kayak, but my favorite was riding in the boat with my ears flapping in the wind. And I quickly learned the sound of the mail ladies car because I knew that there would be treats in the mailbox.
At my mom’s side, I served as a Therapy Dog for six years and made so many friends. My dad says that I am was great hunting dog and the first member of our family’s Brittany Brigade with three of us in the house.
Most of all, I loved being with my family, especially when the grandchildren came to visit. Yes, I lived with enthusiasm and loved my family with my whole heart and I know they loved me too. Namaste Bella.