I loved you your entire life, I’ll miss you for the rest of mine.

Date of Pet Passing – 08/20/2023
– Jessica Mayerle


Beyonce was my best friend. My daughter. Losing her was the best decision for her, but the worst decision for me.

Beyonce was the most beautiful white persian cat you have ever seen. She wasn’t a lover, but she loved to be loved. She was spoiled rotten! My husband was always jealous of how much priority Beyonce had my life, but in the end he loved her too. My entire family loved her and we all miss her dearly. Her and I had an unspeakable bond that I will forever cherish. She was my emotional support and I was hers. We needed eachother. Despite all of her health problems she fought with everything she had to stay with me. It could be because she knew how much her loss would absolutely kill me or maybe it was because she loved me so much that she couldn’t let me go either. The world will never know. I will forever miss her smell. Her gentile slow approach. Her annoying constant meowing, her unwarranted messes, and most importantly her snuggles.

Until next time my beautiful girl….